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Customer case: XL BYG gets a smart electronic product catalog tailored to the individual customer




XL BYG's new product catalog system ensures that their customers receive a price catalog that is adapted to the agreements and discounts that XL BYG and the customer have agreed on.
XL BYG can easily update the product catalog with various offers and promotions, and ensure that their customers always have an updated catalog.

XL BYG is a company with many customers and suppliers. Like any other company, XL BYG and their partners negotiate good prices and agreements that are tailored to just them.

However, keeping all marketplaces up to date with various price catalogs tailored to their individual customers is a huge piece of manual work, and does not fit into the modern platforms.

The challenge:

One of the major challenges in this case is that XL BYG's customers use widely differing market platforms, financial management systems and have different discount agreements with the company.

XL BYG has not had the opportunity to offer their customers exchanges via EDI, which has made the ordering and purchasing process more time-consuming for all parties. But now the company wants to make an effort that can save both them and their customers time on manual creations and maintenance of product data and prices.

XL BYG has contacted iEDI to develop a smart system that meets their customers' wishes to be able to receive a product catalog that contains the customer's agreed prices, and at the same time updates them on XL BYG's latest campaigns.

The solution:

iEDI has developed a product catalog that is sent directly to the customer, regardless of market platform, in their preferred EDI format.

This catalog is tailored to the customer with their very own prices rather than giving all customers a catalog with the standard prices.

With this new product catalog system, the customer simply has to select the product, which is then created in the customer's system, so that they can send the order to XL BYG in their preferred EDI format. XL BYG's customers no longer need to manually create the product in their system.

XL BYG's employees can easily update the catalog with the latest offers.

“This system is built into XL BYG's ASPECT4 system, so that their employees can set up the price catalog for the market platform that the customer uses.”

- Jens Kirkeby, CTO, iEDI

We, at iEDI, have made agreements with several different marketplaces, so we agree on how the data should be entered.

We currently support the following:

In addition, we also support Navision, Axapta, SAP and other major systems.

Next step in the process:

We plan to expand the system with an available warehouse - ie. that the customer can check online whether a given product is in stock.

We also want it to be possible as a customer to be able to place an order directly from the product catalog.

Do you also want your online catalogs to fit into modern platforms?

The product catalog system is made so flexible that it can be used with small and large financial systems without it requiring much work on your part.

Call us or send us an email at info@iedi.com and let us talk about the various possibilities.

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