iEDI has a large global network. As an iEDI partner, you can assist your own customers in getting started with all of their customers and suppliers.

iEDI offers a variety of ways to become a partner. You choose how much EDI you want to handle yourself or you can leave it all to us.

We are the only Danish company registered in the European network team EEDIN, a network designed to give our customers a better understanding of how small the world is when it comes to digitization in Europe.

As a partner, you have complete control over how much and how little you want to use our services.

- We have Scandinavian partners who use us as an outsourced EDI solution for their customers. This means we convert their files to the recipient's format and we set up protocols for the recipient. They want to take care of the support themselves.

- We have partners in Europe who take care of sending docuemnts in the format the recipient needs, while we set up protocols and take care of their support

- We have partners who simply want to use us as the electronic post office where we send their messages

Our rejection system means that you can have the support yourself, as we can simply forward error messages with links to attachments. Here you can correct the error and resend the attachment.

The possibilities are many and you choose yourself. It should be easy to get started with iEDI.

You can read about all the integrations for ERP systems we offer and you must definitely sign up for our newsletter so that you stay up to date on what we are doing.

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Do not hesitate to contact the iEDI team if you have questions.

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