We convert your PDF to an EDI document

iEDI can convert standard PDFs to EDI documents. This product is for you if you have received a PDF but want it as EDI, as well as for you if you want to send your PDF as EDI in the preferred EDI format of your business partner.

Why choose the PDF solution?

This solution makes it possible for even more companies to exchange electronic documents via EDI. We are working to make it possible for small and medium-sized companies to be able to say 'Yes' to electronic trading, without major changes in their normal routines.

Send your PDF documents as EDI without an EDI system

If your company is required to send attachments as EDI by a supplier or customer, simply send your document to us as a PDF, and we will ensure that it reaches the intended recipient as EDI. We will assign you an email address that you will use to send your document. We train the computer to interpret your PDF, convert it to EDI, and send it to your business partner in the EDI format they prefer. As a result, you and your company can continue with your normal workflows while also exchanging electronic documents with business partners who want to trade with EDI.

Convert your PDF documents to the EDI format of your choice.

If you are in the opposite boat and want to convert your received PDFs to EDI in order to avoid manual entries, you can also use this PDF solution. Simply send us the PDF, and we will convert it to EDI and send it to you in a format that your financial system can accept. You save a lot of time this way.

Several different setup options

Keep your workflows

Regardless of whether you have an EDI system or not, this solution is there to make it easy for companies to exchange electronic documents. Keep your workflows - whether they are electronic or not. We will convert your PDFs according to your needs.

Competitive priced

We can offer this advanced solution at a competitive price, so many companies can participate.

Get your PDFs converted to EDI tomorrow

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