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If your company decides to send e-invoices to the government, iEDI can assist because we are familiar with their requirements and wishes.

We can assist you in sending through our own Nemhandel server in Denmark. If some public authorities require some corrections or that some information be placed in a specific field, we can easily create some rules to ensure that they appear correctly.

Furthermore, we send to Scandinavia via PEPPOL as well as Svefakt, Finvoice, and TeapsXML.

If your customers require it, you can include a PDF in the file.

In Europe, a lot is happening in this area, and many countries have started, or have announced that they will start, so deadlines have been set for when you must be ready, depending on the type of business you have.

This could happen in Italy, France, or Poland.

If you have questions about what this requires or simply want to get started, please write to us.

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