The latest hot topic regarding electronic data interchange is API (application programming interface).

There's no such thing as "EDI is the old" and "API is the new" - they're both the same. As opposed to EDI which is often file based, using FTP, SFTP, AS2, OFTP2 etc., API's are often interconnected directly with your customers ERP system using JSON or XML over HTTP.

We love API's and direct connections as:

If you need an API to serve your customers or to consume other companies API's, we have a bunch of clever specialists that can assist you.


Most API's are different and Simon is a specialist in analyzing and coding these. When a new API is needed, documentation is handed over to Simon, that implements the API within days.

Simon's team codes Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and lower level languages as well.


On-boarding processes often begins with our protocol guru, Andreas.

He knows everything about certificates, security and special national laws in your country.

Regardless of protocol type (AS2, SFTP, HTTP etc.), Andreas can make it ready for you.


Allan is one of our webshop specialists who integrates and automates webshops.

Whenever you need to load orders from your webshop into your ERP or update your webshop with delivery state, track'n trace and so on, Allan is the one who knows how.

Allan performs magic upon Linux based PHP webshops with MySQL and/or NoSQL databases.

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