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We are opening up for electronic commerce in several European countries




Do you have customers in the Netherlands or Finland? Or are you looking for a new market in Europe?
In addition to trading electronically with Germany, Norway and Sweden, you can now also trade with companies from the Netherlands and Finland.

We have experienced a great demand to be able to offer electronic commerce with several countries - a request we are working hard to meet. This time, we are pleased to be able to open up for the exchange of EDI via PEPPOL in the Netherlands and Finland.

And what does that mean for you?

Our new initiatives mean that you now have the opportunity to grow your business and open up for easy and fast electronic trading with several European countries. Despite new approaches and a new market, we assure you that the processes for exchanging EDI with your foreign customers are as simple as what you know from exchanging with your Danish customers.

We are constantly opening up to more countries, so keep an eye on our website or newsletter.

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