iEDI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Apps

Enable your Power Apps to communicate with the world using, iEDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Apps, integrated API/EDI compatibility.
You can now add an extra dimension to your Power Apps by enabling API/EDI functionality on top of your Power Apps.

This opens a new communication layer which through you can exchange your Power Apps data with your partners and other systems.

Example, if you're building your own new booking application it's now possible to exchange booking and booking confirmations with your freight forwarder using API/EDI. Having your Power Apps communicating with the world opens up new opportunities for process automation.

iEDI for Power Apps communicates directly with Microsoft Dataverse on your own Azure solution.

By using iEDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Apps, you can:

About Power Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Apps is a quite comprehensive solution from Microsoft.
The strategy builds upon that all your Microsoft applications including office 365 uses a common API to host data.

This is called Microsoft Dataverse and is build upon GraphQL technology.
By connecting to your dataverse you can create new applications that can read/write in databases and documents without being a programmer.

So it becomes easy to develop "that new feature" you're missing today.

Opportunities using iEDI for Power Apps

iEDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Apps solves one of the "hard" areas of Power Apps and that is communication with the outside world.
After you've created a Power App you can now expand your Power App to larger goals that involves your partners or your other systems.

The idea is your own and by using iEDI for Power Apps you can bring your idea to life.
If you don't want to develop apps by yourself- or don't have any time available, you can also consult iEDI to get help creating your Power Apps.

There are a lot of opportunities and the one who knows best what to solve is you.
So are you missing a piece of the puzzle do not hesitate to contact iEDI on

Your Apps, Your Data

Power for Power Apps

Support for your security

Get started with iEDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Apps

Getting started with iEDI for Power Apps is easy.
Send us an email or give us a call at +45 4917 5243 and we'll help you cross the finish line.

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