iEDI with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Using iEDI for AX you can support EDI integration with all your business partners and continue use your good old AX without having to upgrade right now.
When you're iEDI flexibility to your partners you ensure compatibility across the many variants of EDI formats around the world.

You can support EDIFACT, UBL/XML, Tradacom, ANSI x.12, CSV and other mysterious formats from within your AX.

iEDI supports AX 3.0, AX 4.0, AX2009 & AX2012 and AX 7.0 (later rebranded as Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations).

You can use file based data integration between your AX and iEDI using AIF (Axapta Interchange Format) or other filetype for any version. Newer versions is API supported using the Microsoft oData built into AX 7.0 and later versions.

From AX 2016 (AX 7.0) og newer versions API integrations are supported both when on-premise, Microsoft host'ed or installed on your own Azure solution.

By using iEDI for AX you'll be able to:

Are you receiving a lot of purchase invoices, you can have iEDI for AX deliver invoices & creditnotes into your approval workflow including image attached. Documents are pre-registered so you'll save a lot of time as you don't have to manually encode all your journals from PDF received by E-mail.

iEDI for AX can be combined with the iEDI "PDF to EDI" product for maximum flexibility and enable non-EDI partners to deliver EDI to your AX just by sending a PDF. You can also integrate with your logistics and freight forwarder to retrieve track'n trace numbers directly onto your deliveries i your AX.

Support dropshipment scenarios by leveraging API and EDI connections with your customers.

iEDI for AX supports all networks and protocols to enable communication all around the world.
This includes and is not limited to PEPPOL, VANS, GS1, FTP, SFTP, AS2, OFTP2 and API integrations - in other words, you only need your AX.

Get onboard with Amazon, Target, Tesco, Walmart and all those customers that are requiring EDI or API today.

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Getting started with iEDI for Dynamics AX is easy.
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